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Hello there! My name is Stanley Jiminez. I’m thirty-six years previous and have a good passion for Event style, Art and residential Improvement. Since I used to be a child, I perpetually pet to rearrange my space. Therefore, it’d become tidy. Meanwhile, most of the youngsters at this age were that specialise in enjoying their toys. As I began to grow old, my mother perpetually asked ME to rearrange the lounge.

Stanley Jiminez Profile

Personally, a pleasant, organised space will build ME, therefore relax. However, organising an area doesn’t mean you want to build everything neat. Sometimes, you’ll build one thing out of order to make the texture of the home. The arrangement, an area, is creating a unique level of art. For me, to be readily realising one temperament in a very space could be a work of art.

I didn’t head to any university. Mostly, I enriched my data through short courses. I conjointly gain many experiences through client orders. Once somebody asks ME either I’m AN designer or an indoor designer, I perpetually answer it with “I’m a makeup-room artist”.

It is amusing to attach with folks through my works. It conjointly helps ME recognise the client higher. That’s why I conjointly gain many friends through my profession.